Decades of urbanisation and multiculturalism have influenced Australia’s robust food culture. Cuisines from all over the world have created the ‘Australian Cuisine’ as we know it today. 

Australian food has expanded beyond delicious sweet treats (such as lamingtons) and savoury favourites (such as meat pies) to a wider range of globally influenced flavour profiles. The delicious mix of Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours form the new-age Australian cuisine. 

While curries, falafels, burritos and stir-fry noodles have become household regulars in homes around Australia, at Royal Doulton we were keen to find out which Aussie food icons still rule the hearts of people around the country.

We conducted a survey asking 1000 Australians, ‘What is your favourite Australian Dish?’.

The results were sweet, cheesy and absolutely scrumptious. 

27% of the respondents chose Chicken Parmigiana as their favourite Australian dish

Just like the beloved flat white, Chicken Parmigiana served with a side of chips and salad is a true Aussie food icon. The Italian inspired dish has come a long way from its eggplant days to becoming Australia’s favourite dish.

The savoury pub-favourite was followed by a long list of delicious sweets and desserts.

51% of Australians opted for a sweet treat as their favourite dish 

Out of which, 19% opted for the oatmeal-based Anzac Biscuits, 18% chose the meringue-based pavlova, and 15% went with the coconutty goodness of lamingtons.

The long list of sugary treats was followed by modern meat and veggie favourites. Out of the 1000 respondents, 12% voted for the BBQ special, Australian snags, 6% opted for the snackable Chiko Roll, and 5% chose the cheesy spinach cob. 

Over the years, multiculturalism has impacted how and what Australians eat. The national favourite has come a long way from the traditional Australian roast lamb to embracing the cheesy deliciousness of Chicken Parmigiana.


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