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In need of a new look for 2018? We’ve put together our top 4 ways to revitalise your dining space
with Royal Doulton tableware and homeware pieces, plus trends we’re loving right now…



Dining at home is about to become a more relaxed family affair – with more people creating smaller dishes of meats, veggies, salads and sides, everyone is
adjusting their own ‘balanced’ portion sizes, rather than serving up one plate. We love this idea of sharing food and there’s no better way to let the
family help themselves than with tableware in a variety of sizes and colours for different dishes.

Inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London, keep things balanced with Bread Street tableware designed by chef Ramsay with Royal Doulton. It’s a casual
collection with a side order of colour that you can mix and match. Start with a natural colour palette of slate grey and add fresh white to create
a balanced dining atmosphere – ready for a light lunch.

For a simple and healthy Sunday brunch, try our delicious Sundays Worth Sharing recipe.


For the love of good food and family moments – express your sense of style, fun and family life with bold tableware that speaks for itself.

Using hand-drawn artwork inspired by Ellen’s favourite prints – the ED Love Gift Sets Collection in blue brings to life the sentiment of ‘love’ in uniquely different illustrated
designs to create a statement in your dining space. Adding accents to existing tableware or other ED Collections allows you to revitalise your table and create a new
look that all the family will fall in love with.

“I should warn you, they’re so beautiful that you’ll want to gobble up all your food as fast as you can just to see the plates again” – Ellen DeGeneres


We’re going to see the Refined Coastal trend everywhere this Spring/Summer. How is it refined? It’s all about stylish ocean-inspired
pieces in crisp white glazes with sea blue lines and textures!

Pacific is our ultimate ‘coastal living’ collection – with bold indigo markings inspired by the seashore, textured shells and crashing
waves – it aims to transform your everyday dining experience into a laid-back nautical tale in an urban setting.

Our verdict on this nautical trend? It’s a must-have if you want to create a look that’s fun and unique. The ‘refined’ element means pieces will sit comfortably in many dining settings.


With more of us entertaining at home, update your home with the most popular trend this year: the Home Bar.

It’s not about recreating that 1970s stand-alone bar or hostess cart, but styling an area of your dining space into an easy entertaining area for get-togethers in your own home.
The best thing about a DIY home bar is that you can set it up almost anywhere with minimal effort. All that’s needed is a space big enough to add a few shelves
for displaying bottles, carafes, glassware and bar equipment; plus, a unit to mix and pour drinks for your guests.

When it comes to the best home bar glassware – the R&D Collection is perfect. Designed for the ‘inner mixologist’ all three patterns – Neptune, Highclere
and Radial – come in hi-ball and tumblers that can be mix and matched to add authenticity and character to your bar.

Ready to discover your inner mixologist? Read our essential guide: How To Create Your Own Home Bar with tips and easy recipes from award-winning mixologist MR LYAN.


Dinners Made of All That Unites Us – Celebrating 10 Years

Designed with Gordon Ramsay, the charismatic, Michelin award winning chef, our expertise and his knowledge have developed the stylish contemporary shapes of the Maze collection which is now available in Light Grey to mark our partnership’s 10th anniversary.

Afternoons Made Of Losing Track Of Time

The friends are invited, the basket is full. Though time passes, the picnic feels like it should last forever. The moment is yours, the tableware Royal Doulton, the City London. Introducing new Pacific Mint, with fresh splashes of mint.

Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio

Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio With International Coffee Day in October and Pumpkin Spice season upon us, what better time than now to go through the latest designs from Royal Doulton Coffee Studio and how to use them, along with a...