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Banish the Boring and Bring on the Bold

Doing things our way since 1815

Inspired by our London origins we embrace urban culture and eclectic style and we want to empower you to do the same. Do more of what makes you happy.  Spend less time worrying and laugh loudly, love big and host the party. Own who you are. Share secrets and stories over mugs of coffee and your favourite meal and forget about the crumbs.

Most Importantly, be you, the world will just adjust.


The Royal Doulton 1815 collection can be used any time of the day and is designed with the family in mind. Referencing our rich heritage each piece is decorated with subtle dipped glazing, a technique developed by our original Royal Doulton Lambeth pottery and is updated using bright on trend colours to give a modern, stylish and unique finish.

1815 Side Dinner Plates Set of 4 Brights 23cm

1815 Tapas Set Of 8 Bowls 11.5cm

1815 Boards 20cm Set of 4

1815 Nesting Jugs Set of 4

Bowls of Plenty

The Bowls of Plenty collection is inspired by our heritage of half dipped salt glaze pieces. The bowls, jugs and serving bowls feature a unique hand applied clay impress and are double dipped in warm and translucent glazes. Perfect for all meal times, a stylish and contemporary way to serve today’s most fashionable recipes and inspiring dishes.

Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty Nesting Jugs (Set of 4)

Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty Plates 23cm (Set of 4)

Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty Bowl 16cm (Set of 4)

Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty Serving Bowl 31.5cm

ED Ellen DeGeneres Gift Mugs

The ED Ellen DeGeneres Gift Mugs combine Ellen’s creative spark and upbeat personality with bold stylish designs, creating memorable fun moments for both friends and family. A collection designed to celebrate the positive things in life, sharing laughter and happiness over a mug of tea or coffee and a friendly chat. Each porcelain mug is expertly crafted in bold lively colours, with a witty and contemporary design, a perfect gift or just an excuse to treat yourself.

ED Ellen DeGeneres collection – Mug Choose Kindness 450ml

ED Ellen DeGeneres – Love Mug 450ml

ED Ellen DeGeneres – Red Heart Mug 450ml

ED Ellen DeGeneres collection – Hearts Mug 450ml


Introduced in 2015, the Pacific collection is inspired by embracing imperfections and doing things the Royal Doulton way. The bold and detailed designs; splash, dots, lines, texture, circle and brush stroke, all have a hand-made, perfectly imperfect quality and are captivating alone but truly striking when mixed together.

Pacific Plate 28cm (Set of 6)

Pacific Serving Bowl 29cm

Pacific Set of 6 Plates 16cm

Pacific Set of 6 Noodle Bowls 21cm

Gordon Ramsay Maze Grill

Live Bold and embrace new flavours with the Maze Grill collection. Inspired by the welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, and eclectic decoration of Gordon Ramsay’s popular London Maze Grill restaurants. Hand-crafted stoneware plates and bowls in warm white and rich blue, each designed with an interesting texture and glaze, perfect to serve large sharing dishes, offering endless mix and match options for your home.

Gordon Ramsay Maze Grill Blue 16 Piece Set Hammer

Gordon Ramsay Maze Grill Blue Plate 16cm Mixed (Set of 4)

Gordon Ramsay Maze Grill White Bowl 16cm Mixed (Set of 4)

Gordon Ramsay Maze Grill White Serving Platter Hammer 40cm

Coffee Studio

Live Bold and discover your inner barista with the Coffee Studio collection. Whether you prefer a classic cappuccino and energising shot of espresso or the rich taste of a slow brew coffee, this collection is designed to meet all your home brewing needs. With its contemporary shapes and richly muted colours, Coffee Studio is ideal for any modern home.

Coffee Studio Plate 16cm (Set of 4)

Coffee Studio Milk & Sugar Set 112ml

Coffee Studio French Press 1.5L

Coffee Studio Mug Small 270ml (Set of 4)


Dinners Made of All That Unites Us – Celebrating 10 Years

Designed with Gordon Ramsay, the charismatic, Michelin award winning chef, our expertise and his knowledge have developed the stylish contemporary shapes of the Maze collection which is now available in Light Grey to mark our partnership’s 10th anniversary.

Afternoons Made Of Losing Track Of Time

The friends are invited, the basket is full. Though time passes, the picnic feels like it should last forever. The moment is yours, the tableware Royal Doulton, the City London. Introducing new Pacific Mint, with fresh splashes of mint.

Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio

Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio With International Coffee Day in October and Pumpkin Spice season upon us, what better time than now to go through the latest designs from Royal Doulton Coffee Studio and how to use them, along with a...