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Meet ‘The Girl In The Café’ blogger as she explains why
coffee is such an important part of her life…

One of the things that stands out about coffee culture today is it’s sense of community and how it brings people together. Everybody has their favourite café or coffee shop,
whether it’s in a big city or a small home town. Cafés have regulars who come in day in, day out, and baristas who are on first name terms with customers
and know their usual before they’ve ordered.

Celeste’s love for coffee began years ago when she first started learning the intricacies of the process, but her real passion stems from the fact that it’s “so much more” than just a drink. Aside from the science and craftsmanship that goes into making the perfect brew, coffee is a way of connecting people. The social side of spending time with people and sharing stories over a coffee from your favourite cup is part of it’s beauty. Find a new favourite mug to share secrets over…




Dinners Made of All That Unites Us – Celebrating 10 Years

Designed with Gordon Ramsay, the charismatic, Michelin award winning chef, our expertise and his knowledge have developed the stylish contemporary shapes of the Maze collection which is now available in Light Grey to mark our partnership’s 10th anniversary.

Afternoons Made Of Losing Track Of Time

The friends are invited, the basket is full. Though time passes, the picnic feels like it should last forever. The moment is yours, the tableware Royal Doulton, the City London. Introducing new Pacific Mint, with fresh splashes of mint.

Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio

Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio With International Coffee Day in October and Pumpkin Spice season upon us, what better time than now to go through the latest designs from Royal Doulton Coffee Studio and how to use them, along with a...