Dinners Made of All That Unites Us
Celebrating 10 Years

The table is set. The time freezes. Suddenly it’s all like back when you first met. The moment is yours, the tableware Royal Doulton, the City London.

Maze Light Grey exclusively for Gordon Ramsay. Making everyday casual dining stylish to the core.

Designed with Gordon Ramsay, the charismatic, Michelin award winning chef, our expertise and his knowledge have developed the stylish contemporary shapes of the Maze collection which is now available in Light Grey to mark our partnership’s 10th anniversary.

The new Maze Light Grey collection has captured Gordon Ramsay’s relaxed, welcoming style of dining for an amazing 10 years, reflecting distinctive touches from his London restaurants.

“It’s great working with the Royal Doulton team to create stunning, new collections that are versatile enough for everyday use“

Gordon Ramsay

Our signature elements are modern, with a subtle glazed finish and embossed concentric circles, it draws the eye to the centre of the dish and food being served. New Light Grey elevates the classic contemporary lines of our Maze collection. The shapes and colours of the Maze pieces make it the ideal backdrop to showcase a variety of cuisines.

With a great range of functional and oven to tableware pieces, all dishwasher and microwave safe, that echo Gordon’s passion for high quality food and our joint aim to create memorable, informal dining occasions with family and friends. Make it grey. Making everyday casual dining stylish to the core. Made to mix & match perfectly with the original Maze whites.

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Recipe for Baked English Breakfast

Recipe for Prawn Waldorf Salad

Recipe for Roast Cauliflower Quinoa Pomegranate Salad




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