Discover Your Inner Barista With Royal Doulton Coffee Studio

With International Coffee Day in October and Pumpkin Spice season upon us, what better time than now to go through the latest designs from Royal Doulton Coffee Studio and how to use them, along with a spoonful of top tips from baristas too.

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day was officially started in 2015 by the International Coffee Organisation in Milan, to promote and celebrate coffee. It’s now celebrated around the world at the start of October, with big events surrounding these powerful, proficient and popular little beans! We hope you met up with your friends to celebrate with a latter or two?

The History Of Coffee

  • Dating back to the 15th Century, even possibly as early as the 9th Century; coffee has been around longer than Royal Doulton!
  • The coffee bean is thought to be of Ethiopian origin. Coffee beans were first exported out of Ethiopia to Yemen, and by the 16th Century (realising we were on to a good thing), the news about coffee had spread to the rest of the world.
  • The first coffeehouse in London was opened during this time, in St. Michael’s Alley in Cornhill, by a Turkish trader.
  • Coffee seedlings arrived and flourished in the Caribbean in the early 1700s. Fifty years later, there were over 18,000 coffee trees, which started the coffee cultivation ball rolling. This then moved through Latin America until it reached North America, where it was made popular at the ‘Boston Tea Party’.
  • The history of coffee in Australia goes back to 1880 when the first of 500 acres were developed in New South Wales. Today there are several producers of coffee in Australia and there’s become a real coffee culture, with many coffee shops and cafes popping up in and around all the major cities.

Coffee Studio By Royal Doulton

Coffee is always a good idea. Whether you prefer a classic cappuccino, energising shot of espresso, or the rich taste of a slow brew coffee, the Royal Doulton Coffee Studio collection has been designed to meet your home brewing needs.

Taking inspiration from our heritage of half-dipped salt glazed pieces; modern, trend-led colourways and satin double-dipped glazes replicate the coolest coffee bars with contemporary styling, perfect for any home.

New Designs From Royal Doulton Coffee Studio

Coffee Studio Small French Press

The new Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Small French Press is the perfect way to create a slow brewed, fresh ground coffee, while adding contemporary style to your home. The 500ml capacity is designed to brew a large mug of your favourite blend. If you have guests or love coffee as much as us, this porcelain piece is also available in large.

Top tip: If you find the coffee too mild, use more coffee or grind finer. If you find the coffee too strong, use less coffee or grind coarser. To make sure you get the best possible coffee every time, it’s important to gently push down around the circumference of the mesh before pushing it into the ceramic body; this stops the press falling when inserted.

Coffee Studio Milk Frothing Jug

This beautifully crafted ceramic Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Milk Frothing Jug is designed for warming, frothing and serving milk to make your perfect coffee at home. It holds 600ml of liquid and comes with a thermometer to gauge the perfect milk temperature; whether using it for cappuccinos, flat whites or lattes.

Top tip: One of our favourite baristas, The Girl In The Café, says her top tip for the perfect flat white is “make sure it’s good espresso and the milk is textured just right – not too airy and thick, but not too thin”. Ready, steady… steam!

Coffee Studio Rectangular Tray 38cm

This striking and stylish Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Rectangular Tray is a large porcelain serving tray designed to transport yummy treats for your guests or to carry matching pieces from the collection, such as the French press, mugs and cappuccino cups and saucers.

Coffee Studio Rectangular Tray 24cm (Set of 4)

A smaller version of the above, these Coffee Studio Rectangular Trays 24cm (Set of 4) are an eye-catching ceramic set; the perfect size for serving cakes, biscuits and pastries at coffee time… yes please!

All pieces from the Royal Doulton Coffee Studio come in a functional brown paper rolled-top gift bag with branded bulldog clip, instructions and coffee brewing tips; looking like it’s come straight from your favourite local coffee shop. Larger pieces such as the rectangular trays come with hand-tied raffia to keep them safely bundled.

Coffee Facts

  • Latest figures from the British Coffee Association website are that coffee is the most popular drink worldwide, with around two billion cups drank every day.
  • Coffee beans are technically seeds that look like cherries. Did you know they can be eaten raw as little balls of energy and the pulp can be fermented to make a wine-like drink!
  • There are two main types of coffee, which are Arabica and Robusta.
  • Coffee has been used as currency, in religion, beauty and medicine, and has even been made illegal previously. There’s talk of coffee one day being able to fuel your car! Can you imagine that?
  • Though not produced there; Finland are the biggest drinkers of coffee in the world, with the average adult drinking 12.5 kg of coffee each year… shout out to Fiskars!
  • Every International Coffee Day (and the other 364 days of the year), enjoy a coffee with family and friends or block out your diary for a little ‘me time’. Take pleasure in making your favourite coffee, enjoying the aroma, then sitting back and savouring the flavour in a Royal Doulton mug or cup.
  • If you’re in need of a little more inspiration, make sure to watch our YouTube videos of barista Celeste Wong, Gal-Dem founder Liv Little, and artist William Farr.


Our final top tips: ‘Espresso yourself’, ‘take life one sip at a time’ and ‘stay grounded’!




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