The writer, journalist and founder of online publication gal-dem,
takes us through what a day in her life entails and how coffee kickstarts her busy day.

Like most of us, Liv little can’t start her day without a cup of coffee. The writer, curator and journalist spends her time at coffee houses in meetings, or writing features for gal-dem, the magazine she founded three years ago while at university. The idea for gal-dem came about while Liv was at university, as she was frustrated at the lack of diversity, so she created a platform to reach out to women of colour like herself, which she runs today in her home town of London.


When it comes to writing, Liv finds her inspiration by listening to music, as it helps her pinpoint a specific moment in time and reminds her how shewas feeling. Liv credits her stepfather as her musical influence, and says spending time in record shops looking through old school soul, reggae and ska music reminds her of him.

 Celeste’s love for coffee began years ago when she first started learning the intricacies of the process, but her real passion stems from the fact that it’s “so much more” than just a drink. Aside from the science and craftsmanship that goes into making the perfect brew, coffee is a way of connecting people. The social side of spending time with people and sharing stories over a coffee from your favourite cup is part of it’s beauty. Find a new favourite mug to share secrets over…

As well as keeping Liv “alive” during a busy day of meetings, sharing a pot of coffee with her mum keeps her grounded and focused. Having grown up with the smell of coffee running through the house, Liv enjoys catching up with her mum over a steaming cup of coffee after a long day.




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